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23 October 2009

"Write a reflection from the perspective of someone who helped on the Mt Erebus recovery team"

"Being here is a privilege to find out stuff that has not been found. My feelings slowly sink down to the bottom of my heart but they will always be there."
11 years old
"I feel so sad and helpless that I couldn't have helped these people that have died from the crash. The whole way back I was crying. I tried to stop but the tears just kept on coming out. I wish I could come home with everyone in the crash alive. THe whole time I thought of their families and how upsetting it would be for them."
12 years old
"When I was in Antarctica recovering the plane that crashed in Ross Island in Antarctica, I saw white snow on top of the highest mountain I have ever seen. When we recovered a missing piece of the plane I felt heart-broken and depressed because all those people had a reason to live."
11 years old
 16 October 2009
Students feelings about the Mt Erebus disaster after only 2 sessions of learning about it:


"My feelings are sad because there are no people that survived so that's really sad. Seeing all the flags in the snow is really hard. There was also a lot of burnt stuff and I could see aeroplane seats scattered all over the place. Also I saw people who had recovered other people crying which made you want to cry too."
11 years old
"Well today when I was looking at the pictures [on the website] they made me a bit sad because some of my family might have been in that plane crash...I feel sorry for the people's family that died. I would like to help them but I am only 10 years old."
10 years old
"I feel sorry for the families who have suffered and have had to mourn sorrow for their deceased."
13 years old
"257 people died. It must have been really painful losing your family in a plane crash."
11 years old
"I feel really sad for the people that died. It was very sad. It is a little scary for me because I want to be a pilot. I had never heard of the Erebus crash until this Monday. I heard that 257 people died. I was like "whoa!" and "that's sad!" "
12 years old
"That looked so sad looking at those pictures and seeing what happened to those people on flight TE 901. When I saw the pictures of the plane I felt like crying. I feel like I want to go there and see what they left behind."
11 years old
"I feel sad for the families who lost their loved ones in the day I hope to go to Mt Erebus to visit the crash site. I don't know if anyone on the plane is related to me or is one of the friends of the family but it would be something I would like to find out."
13 years old 
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